Encinitas is a coastal beach city in San Diego. Encinitas is approximately 25 miles north of San Diego in the North County and about 95 miles south of Los Angeles. Encinitas population has a population of 59,518 and is growing every year. Encinitas largest single industry is growing flowers.

Encinitas can be divided into five areas:

  • Old Encinitas: An small beachside town featuring a mix of custom housing styles. The Encinitas welcome arch, the famous surf break swamis. Old Encinitas is divided from New Encinitas by a low coastal ridge. Window cleaning can be tough so call the pros.
  • New Encinitas: The new region features a golf course, many shopping centers, and is composed of larger tract homes. The windows are typically easier to clean in this area. But the homes usually have a lot of windows.
  • Olivenhain: A semi-rural region in eastern Encinitas, composed of mostly single family homes. Olivenhain connects to Rancho Santa Fe via Encinitas Blvd. We see a lot of dirty windows in this area. Schedule a window cleaning and share it on facebook. Help us spread the word.
  • Leucadia: A coastal community of the city. Leucadia features tree-lined streets and boulevards. The community also has a lot of custom homes with hard to reach windows. Also take advantage of are gutter cleaning service.
  • Cardiff-by-the-Sea: Encinitas’ southernmost oceanfront community, which features streets named after British cities and classical composers.

Fun Fact: Encinitas is a Spanish name meaning “little oaks”