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Whether it’s a small or large space, private residence or commercial compound, Superior Window Cleaning will get the job done. We guarantee the highest quality and ensure true cleanliness.

We define basic window cleaning as a general cleaning of the glass, sill, and framework of the window. 98% of our customers have no desire for more than a general cleaning because of how deep a clean we supply with just our basic cleaning. Rarely do window conditions require more than a general cleaning. With our general cleaning we do light paint removal, we remove sap, bird & insect debris, spiderwebs, light stickers removal, and we always take care of the whole window, not just the glass.

Extensive paint removal, sticker removal, or any other extensive removal may be considered additional and will be priced as such. These additional services are not included in our basic services due to the significant lengthening of the workload. Besides time and energy, use of additional chemicals and tools for extensive cleaning and removal purposes are also significant factors.

Residential Window Cleaning Services

Exterior Window Cleaning

Exterior window cleaning is one our most popular services. A lot of times customers get there windows cleaned and realize how much it makes a difference in their home. Exterior window cleaning helps your windows stay clean all the time at affordable prices.

Usually we do this type cleaning 3-4 months after we do the full interior and exterior cleaning. Most customers do not need to be home for us to provide this service. Ninety percent of screens are easily removed from the outside of the home without being damaged, making it easier for us to schedule a time to give you the best possible price.

Exterior Window Cleaning
  • We clean your window frames, exterior tracks, and screens.
  • Paint or construction debris is carefully removed using a safe scratch proof blade method.
  • All windows are hand cleaned using a scrub brush to loosen up the debris, and squeegee to make them sparkle clean.
  • The screens are deep cleaned. First a dry brush is used to remove most of the dirt. Then a soapy scrub brush cleans the mesh. Finally they are wiped down with lint free towels. Making sure all dust is removed.

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Interior Window Cleaning

  • While working inside your home, our employees main job protect your carpets and flooring. We always take our shoes off or use booties.
  • We use drop cloths and towels to guarantee your homes protection.
  • We ask that YOU remove all fragile items from window sills. Any furniture in the way is moved with care, and the original location noted so that it will be put back correctly.
  • Interior track and frames are hand cleaned.
  • A squeegee is used to insure the cleanest window.
  • High windows? No problem we are able to reach 37 ft inside your home.

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