Here at superior windows there is no job to big or too small. On this occasion we had our work cut out for us. The tunnel is broken up into 7 different areas. Every room had its own unique way of being cleaned. Some rooms contained sensors and other important instruments that needed to be wrapped up in order to not harm them. A majority of the rooms had to be pretreated with special degreasing agents due to the testing materials left behind. We Worked 16 hour days and finished the pressure washing of the wind tunnels on schedule. Operations for business at the wind tunnel began on time the following week. We know deadlines have to be met. Business owners and property managers love us because we get the job done right and on time. Scaffolding was set up to reach the 30’’ plus ceilings. Exhaust debris left behind needed to be hand treated with a degreasing agents before we used are pressure washer.