With the El Nino winter coming to an end now is the best time to prepare your home for a sunny spring. Here at Superior window cleaning we pride ourselves not just on window cleaning but are complete home services. Is your house looking funky? Want to boost your homes curb appeal? Try the home detail package. We start off with a pressure washing of your gutters making sure that all your water systems flow right. Then we proceeded to clean the exterior of the home, walkways, and driveway. Then we start on the inside of Windows making sure all the tracks are cleaned. Then we do the outside windows with the screens. Tracks and frames wiped down to complete perfection. Also don’t worry about rain. If you get your windows cleaned and the next day it rains NO Problem. We offer a 30-day rain guarantee. Superior window cleaning makes sure our customers are happy even after you get your windows cleaned. Want to save money? Just do the outside windows. Take care of all those screens and exterior tracks. Make sure when you open up the window none of the dust and pollen blows inside your house.