Deionized pure water does not contain any chemical which will not damage solar panels. It is also just as effective as using a cleaning agent while costing just a little bit more. By using the DI water you’re extending the life of the solar panels. Helping you save money in the long run. Research and data on solar panels show that the efficiency of panels not cleaned regularly can rapidly drop.

Cleaning has been shown to drastically increase solar output. Rain is actually be harming your solar panels by being aggressive as a result of pollution. If not carefully chosen, chemical products may be aggressive to the panel materials, reducing transparency. San Diego water has a lot of calcium and other hard mineral deposits in it. So using just regular hose water can damage your panels just as easy as using a harmful cleaning agent. So leave it up to the pros and don’t have chemical waste products dispersed into your soil or drainage system. We make sure are jobs are done in compliance with local environmental regulations.